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Following are some frequently asked questions we hear from customers considering a home security system. If you don't find the answers to your questions below, call our customer service center at
(561) 540-9988.

General Questions:

What Is That? (Security Products)

General Questions

What is included in the standard system package? TOP
Perimeter door or window sensors; one motion detector; one 90-decibel siren; one control panel with a back-up battery in case of power outage; one keypad; telephone hookup; user video; one yard sign and several window decals.

How much does it cost? TOP
Costs vary depending on the size of your Home/Business and your individual needs. With most homeowners installation discounts, installation costs are very affordable. Please call for details.

How long is the contractual agreement? TOP
Industry standard contractual obligations for monitoring start at 36 months.

Can I pay my monitoring on a quarterly or annual basis? TOP
Yes. APS2000 Inc., allows you the flexibility to pay your monitoring monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Who manufactures your equipment? TOP
The Smith and Wesson Home Security control panel and keypad are manufactured by Ademco.

What if I have a business that I want protected? TOP
Because all businesses have different needs, APS2000 Inc. will set up an appointment with one of our Security Sales Consultants to determine your needs.

I'm a renter. Can I get a system? TOP
APS2000 Inc. requires that the property owner sign the Protective Service Agreement. If your landlord agrees to sign the agreement, APS2000 Inc. will install a system into the property in the name of the owner. The property owner will receive and be responsible for all bills. The relocation policy will apply to only the homeowner and not the renter. Or, as the renter, put in a wireless system that you can take with you when you move.

How long can my alarm go off before the police are dispatched? TOP
In some cases it may differ, however, typically it takes 15 seconds before your alarm sends a signal to the central station.

How many false alarms am I allowed to have before I am fined? TOP
Generally you will not be fined until after the third occurence. Keep in mind, however, that every municiaplity has it's own regulations.

Are there different ways that I can pay my monthly monitoring fee? TOP
APS 2000, Inc offers many different payment options. We accept personal checks, money orders, master card and visa debit cards. Please call our office to set up an automatic monthly debit.

What Is That? (Security Products)

Access Control TOP
Access control is a system or process to grant or deny an individual access to a specific area or object based upon their possession of an item, code or physical characteristic.
Access control may be as simple as a single mechanical lock or as complicated as an integrated system controlling hundreds of doors that interface with the alarm and other systems.

Security Systems (Alarms) TOP
A burglar alarm system is designed to detect unauthorized intrusion into a building or area of a building.

A wide range of control equipment and detection devices can be selected to meet the customers need for detection of an attempted or actual burglary.

Most burglar alarm systems will sound an alarm at the site and report to a central station. When a system is monitored, the Security Company accepts the responsibility to monitor the signals indicated in the Customer/Alarm Company written agreement.

Closed circuit television is a television system that transmits signals over a closed circuit of electrical conductors, fiber optic cable or wireless carrier. CCTV can overtly or covertly monitor a process or area from a remote location. CCTV systems can also record or document a scene for later viewing. Multiple locations can be viewed by a single guard or monitor at a remote location.

Home Audio and Video TOP
The modern home often has an integrated system that allows you to listen to a CD, radio or tape from any room in the house.

Multiple television monitors can be connected to all view your cable, satellite, VCR, DVD or standard TV programs.

A professional quality home theater system can also be designed for your needs.

Home Wiring TOP
The electronic systems professional has a unique expertise to conceal this elaborate wiring that the modern home and office requires, including:

  • computer network cabling for the home or office to connect computers to share information at the highest speeds.
  • appropriate wiring to allow video and audio to be distributed easily throughout the home or office.
  • connections to allow a telephone wherever you need it.


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