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Features and Applications
General Characteristics for Armored Cables
Standards List

Features and Applications
  • Cable is suitable for direct burial and aerial applications, as well as indoor/outdoor
  • Corrugated steel tape (CST) protects the fiber optic cable from rodents and provides additional stiffness for aerial lashing, if required
  • The armor is easily removed with an internal aramid strength member ripcord, leaving a flame-retardant (OFNR or OFNP rated) inner cable with the original cable part number and length markings printed on the cable. This eliminates the need to splice outdoor cable to indoor cable to meet the National Electrical Code's 50-foot maximum length requirement for outdoor cable used inside buildings.
  • Armored jacket is an add-on option which can be applied to most of the riser-rated and plenum-rated cable products
  • Suitable for direct field termination with most standard optical connectors
  • Optional all-dielectric fiberglass yarn armor (FRP) available for rodent protection where dielectric properties, lightweight and flexibility are primary requirements of the cable. Benefits: (1) FRP provides an effective deterrent to damage caused by small non-burrowing rodents (2) FRP is ideal for use where cable is exposed in subterranean tunnels, ducts and surface installations. Please contact Optical Cable Corporation for complete FRP specifications.
  • Water-blocked Armored Cables are available

General Characteristics for Armored Cables

Minimum Bend Radius:    
Under Installation Tensile Load 15X outside diameter
Under Long-Term Tensile Load 10X outside diameter
Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C
Storage Temperature -55°C to +85°C
Crush Resistance 440 N/cm
Impact Resistance 20 impacts
Flex Resistance 25 cycles
These specifications are subject to change without prior notification.

Standards List

Optical Cable Corporation's tight-buffered fiber optic cables meet the functional requirements of the following standards:

  • ANSI X3T9.5 PMD
  • ATM 155 Mb/s
  • Fibre Channel FC-PH
  • TIA-568
  • TIA-758 (water-blocked cables)


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