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Fiber Optic Cable is usually and commonly used for the sole backbone and infrastructure to link/connect between locations and local network equipment.
   A large number for Businesses & Cities are now recognizing the massive power of fiber optic lines, and are investing the resources that it takes to get this Infrastructure in place.
    It is the preferred choice for the highest quality and reliable of communications.
The advantage Fiber Optic Cabling offers: an increased bandwidth over other forms of cable and infrastructure transmission types. The Fiber cable itself is very lightweight, extremely delicate and endless data can be transmitted with very low attenuation (signal loss) over long distances, miles and in many cases thousands of miles.
Over time it is proven to be the most economical solution and many large companies and Cities are making of considering making Fiber Optic their choice in infrastructure. Cities like Chattanooga, Tennessee who is believe to have the best bandwidth. Easily manage large amounts of data over long distances. No distance restrictions in Fiber Optic installations. Fiber has no metallic features so it’s not prone to lightning strikes. Non conductor for electrical current therefore offers no risk of short circuits. These intrinsically safe characteristics have led to the widespread use of fiber optic cabling in hazardous environments such as chemical companies, fuel refineries and industrial settings. The nature and make up of other infrastructure cable, contains a larger percentage copper. The price, as you know, fluctuate due to fuel and other market issues. This does not affect fiber optics cost. 
APS2000, Inc. can provide the following services in single and multi mode fiber optic cabling:

  • Network Fiber Optic Infrastructure Design
  • Underground and Above Ground Fiber Optic Installation
  • Fiber Optic Retro-Installation
  • Complete Fiber Optic Repair, Services and Maintenance
  • Fiber Optic Repair/Fusion, Splicing and Termination Service
  • Total Testing and Documentations
  • Fiber Optic Certifying  

If you are considering service to existing or new installation of fiber-optic cables in your Businesses and or City, please consider using APS2000, Inc.

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Aerial DX-Series Polyethylene Distribution Cables
Armored Cables
AX-Series Assembly Cables
AX-Series Micro Assembly Cables
BX-Series Breakout Cables
Composite Fiber/Copper Cables
Custom Assembly Cables
DX-Series Distribution Cables
DX-Series Mini Round Duplex Assembly Cables
Festoon Cables
Furcation Tubing
GX-Series Subgrouping Cables
Hybrid Cables
Interlocked Armored Cables
Military Tactical Cables B-Series Breakout
Military Tactical Cables D-Series Distribution
Mining Cables-MSHA Approved
MX-Series Figure-Eight Messenger Cables

RB-Series Ribbon Cables
RM-Series Round Messenger Cables
Rugged, Harsh Environment Military Style Cable Pro
Zero Halogen Cables


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